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These pages are dedicated to children learning hindi, in particular at the International School in Manosque.
They are in permanent construction, so please come back regularly to check new features (lessons, exercises, homework…).
You can interact with us using this interaction form. Thank you for your feedback… and your indulgence!
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The following books are available at the school’s library. They can also be read online (courtesy Tulika Books, Shanti Publications, Pratham Books).
Please note that the books in portrait mode are presented by double page, whereas the books in landscape mode are presented by single page. Flip through the books by dragging the top-right corner to the left, as in a real one.

Tulika Shanti Pratham

मंज़िल १

आलू-मालू-कालू चुन्नु-मुन्नु का नहाना
खोया पाया छुक-छुक-छक
भीमा गधा रोटी गयी, रोटी आयी
कुछ गड़बड़ है क्यों भई क्यों

मंज़िल २

गजपति कुलपति मैं क्या बनाऊँ?
अक्कू हुई गुस्सा एक सौ सैंतीसवाँ पैर
कहानी केलों की! तारा की गगनचुंबी यात्रा
बूँदों की सवारी मैं हूँ कठपुतली

मंज़िल ३

जिस रात चाँद गायब हो गया अम्माची की खोज अनोखी
एक किताब पुचकू के लिए बीज बचाओ
जादव का जंगल लाल परी
गुप्त कोड लड़की जो हँसती जाती
दम-दमा-दम बिरयानी!

मंज़िल ४

काली बस नाचना चाहता है चिपको चिपको वृक्ष बचाओ
कॉकपिट में आर्या चकित करे फ़िबोनाची!
बाग की सैर लापता पानी का मामला
हनुमान की रामायण बंदर और बिल्लियाँ

Most exercises are inspired by the two following methods

Learn Hindi Grammar Creative Hindi Learning

The number of stars is proportional to the difficulty of the exercise.

गृह कार्य

These lessons have been elaborated by the National Council of Educational Research and Training.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organisation set up in 1961 by the Government of India to assist and advise the Central and State Governments on policies and programmes for qualitative improvement in school education. The major objectives of NCERT and its constituent units are to:

  • Undertake, promote and coordinate research in areas related to school education
  • Prepare and publish model textbooks, supplementary material, newsletters, journals and develop educational kits, multimedia digital materials, etc.
  • Organise pre-service and in-service training of teachers
  • Develop and disseminate innovative educational techniques and practices
  • Collaborate and network with state educational departments, universities, NGOs and other educational institutions
  • Act as a clearing house for ideas and information in matters related to school education
  • Act as a nodal agency for achieving the goals of Universalisation of Elementary Education


अच्युतं केशवं कृष्ण दामोदरं (all classes)

अच्युतं केशवं कृष्ण दामोदरं

Downloadable documentsAcrobat are available for each chapter of every class book.